WCW711 Anti-sweat fishing wader
  • Product Description
*Color: Khaki color
*Waterproof Pocket
*Fabric: Exclusive anti-sweat fabric
*Adjust suspender
*Boot: Heavy duty Cleated boot

Feature: ·
  • Exclusive 3 layer anti-sweat fabric with polyester
  • Great at wicking moisture away from the skin and quick-drying
  • It makes you comfortable when wearing it all day.
  • H-back adjustable suspenders with buckle.
  • Built-in chest pocket to organize personal belongings.
  • Wear a wading belt to create a seal between your body and the wader.
  • Professional heat welded seams skill makes the wader and boots attachment more strong and smooth inside for wearing.
  • Heavy duty Cleated boot with water pressure-resistant and Inner mesh layer for comfort in river conditions.