About Us

About Trunsun

Trunsun is a professional manufacturing company with our flagship brand of “DI JAN” products. We specialize in agricultural and fishery products, including waterproof pants and waders, rain boots and farming shoes. In order to provide fast supply services, we also manufacture under both ODM and OEM models. We take great pride in understanding our clients’ needs; we continue to develop new products and invest in our capability in order to produce optimal products for our customers.

Highy customer satisfaction

By employing excellent operating procedures and communicating in depth, we strive to reach each client’s needs from order to delivery.

Innovate design and patented products

Through our innovative designs and patented products, we aim to create the best quality waders and boots which meet our clients’ agricultural and fishery needs.

Environmentally friendly

We love the Earth. In order to promote sustainability, our research and development group have used environmentally friendly materials on our fabrics.

Flagship Brand